• Better Place Brands Launches Dog Rescue Coffee Company

    Oliver Carson, Founder of Better Place Brands, announced today the launch of Dog Rescue Coffee Company — a coffee, tea, apparel, and craft dog bakery brand that will donate 20 percent of its profits to a group of approximately ten dog rescues throughout the United States.

     The brand, accessible now at, becomes the seventeenth brand launched by Carson under his social responsibility company, Better Place Brands, and brings the total number of animal rescue organizations supported financially by Carson’s company to nearly 200.

    Carson’s other brands include:
    • Border Collie Coffee Company
    • Boxy Brown’s Coffee Company
    • Cane Corso Coffee Company
    • Cat Rescue Coffee Company
    • Doberman Coffee Company
    • French Bulldog Coffee Company
    • German Shepherd Coffee Company
    • German Shorthaired Pointer Coffee Company
    • Golden Retriever Coffee Company
    • Great Dane Coffee Company
    • Husky Coffee Company
    • Labrador Coffee Company
    • Maltese Coffee Company
    • Pitbull Coffee Company
    • Rottweiler Coffee Company
    • Saint Bernard Coffee Company
    “The brands we’ve launched prior to this are aimed, primarily, a particular breeds of dogs and their owners,” Carson said.  “We’re taking everything we’ve learned from those experiences and launching a site for everyone who loves dogs and dog rescue.  We think Dog Rescue Coffee Company will have broad appeal in both direct-to-consumer and wholesale channels.”
    Carson’s coffee is grown around the world, imported, and roasted on demand.  This means that even when it’s ordered over the internet, his coffee arrives more freshly roasted than most grocery store brands.  His apparel is custom designed, and his craft dog bakery makes treats using wholesome ingredients like pumpkin, salmon, blueberries, and whole foods.  He’ll be adding a collection of teas to the site in time for the Christmas season.
    Carson has reached out to approximately 30 reputable and successful dog rescue organizations in an effort to secure ten who want to work with him to promote the brand through social media and receive quarterly donations based upon sales of the company’s products.
    “This is not an affiliate marketing effort,” Carson explained, “Although, we have affiliate marketing opportunities available for anyone who wants to get involved and raise funds directly from sales of our products.  Rather, we’re putting together a group who — like the dog rescues listed on the home pages of all our websites — will share in 20 percent of the profits in Dog Rescue Coffee Company, as donations.  In other words, they’ll benefit from sales we make, not sales they make.  And we’re committed to keeping these charitable organization in our donation program for the entirety of our first year, or longer."
    To learn more about Carson’s company, visit  To learn more about Dog Rescue Coffee Company, Carson’s newest brand, visit
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