Fetty and Monty's Holiday Blend

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For years we had three boxers — Jillie, Juliette, and Big Moe. After they crossed the rainbow bridge, our hearts seemed to ache permanently, and we swore we'd never replace those dogs. But, eventually, we met Fetty and fell in love again.

We weren't looking for a "Christmas Dog," but it was Christmas time, and we decided to pick Fetty up, after the holidays.

We weren't hiding him from our kids — some of them young adults — we just never mentioned it to them.

Well... they must have sensed we were ready for a new companion, because on Christmas morning they presented us with the most cuddly and friendly little black bear of a puppy — a Rotty-Dane Mix — they rescued and had been hiding at Grandma's house until Christmas morning.

When Monty popped out of the box they handed us, we looked at each other in surprise, but without revealing our secret. We decided to go pick Fetty up that afternoon and surprise those kids right back.

Needless to say, it was a Christmas to remember.

We present you with this festive blend of coffees from Brazil, Peru and India — named for our holiday surprises — Fetty & Monty.

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I ordered coffee from here and it was delicious! I'm ordering some more!

- Karin

My dogs are LOVING the dog treats! 💗💗

- Tyanne

Just ordered the treats. They are buy one, get second bag at 1/2 off. Yum!!! Yes, the PBJ training treats are good!

- Paige

We received our coffee! Such fast delivery and great customer service. 😀🐾☕️ The coffee is really good and my Frenchies love the treats too!

- Amy

I have been enjoying this coffee every morning and afternoon. Great flavor, wonderful product and amazing business plan!! I love the product they are producing and the help they are giving to all of the fur babies! We will be treating ourselves to a new bag/flavor once a month!

- Jennifer

I was going to wait until the morning for my first cup, but this coffee smelled SO good I couldn’t wait…and it did not disappoint in flavor!!! Great brand, friendly owner, delicious fresh coffee ☕️ 🐾 I’ll be a repeat customer for sure!!

- Michelle

I have purchased several sweatshirts in the past two years and they are super soft, comfy and the colors do not fade! worth every penny :) My four legged kids love the treats also.

- Angela

We appreciate their great coffee, dog treats, and creative merchandising, but LOVE their Rescue heart and understanding of the crisis we are experiencing in Rescue. Every cent they donate to rescues helps save more dogs. Thank you for a great product, and awesome support.

- Rebecca