Playful Dog 6 Bean Blend — OFFICE SUBSCRIPTION

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We have a friend that rescues senior dogs.  She always has more than one.

She says she visits shelters and looks for the dogs that are most withdrawn.  The ones with grey muzzles that seem a little worn out.  Tired.  But with something in their eyes that says they've been there two long and could use a good couch.

You know what?  Whenever we visit her, we find she has THE MOST PLAYFUL DOGS. 

No kidding.  Something about rescuing older dogs... well... they're grateful.  And they just give back.  We love to go see Sarah and her senior dogs.  And when we do, this is the coffee we bring.

Roast: Dark Roast House Blend

Great for Espresso, this is a meticulous blend of coffee from around the world!