Broken Rope Tanzanian

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Years age on an otherwise quiet, summer afternoon, we encountered a goat on the front lawn of our suburban home.  Living in a development of residential homes, we could only guess where this goat could have come from.

She was was skittish at first, but we earned her trust, and we used what was left of the rope she had obviously chewed through to leash her, temporarily, to a tree, while we drove from nearby farm to nearby farm, trying to find her owners.

The entire day, neighbors drove past our home and — we assumed — were puzzled by the goat they encountered in our front lawn.

Eventually, we found the goat's family and returned her, safely.

Months later we were at a cocktail party in our neighborhood and learned this:  No one was puzzled.  They weren't surprised or confused.  They knew us well. 

Every person in the neighborhood had simply assumed the "strange" family with all the dogs had adopted a goat.  And nobody had a problem with it.  What good neighbors we have!

Certification/Grading: AB

Roast: Medium-light

Tasting Profile: Pear, floral, jasmine, strawberry

Grower: Small cooperative farmers in the Mbeya area

Variety: Bourbon & Kent

Region: Mbeya Region of Tanzania

Altitude: 1200-1900 M

Soil Type: Clay Minerals

Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds